Xgrid Administration

You can see the status of your Xgrid system using Xgrid Admin. It is included with Mac OS X Server, but is also available as a free download from Apple as part of the Server Admin Tools. You can download it from:


The Xgrid Admin application works fine with the Xgrid Controller even if you don't have Mac OS X Server.


After running Xgrid Admin click the + below the CONTROLLERS AND GRIDS column and select your controller. If you set a Client password you will be prompted to enter it. Then you should see the controller in the list:



Click the Agents tab to show the Agents accessible to the controller:


Click the Jobs tab to show the jobs that have been submitted to the Controller:



From the Jobs tab you can stop, pause, or delete jobs, using the controls below the list, and double-clicking a job displays the log for that job:


Note that the log doesn't seem to be available on my Mac OS X 10.4 Controller, but is available on Mac OS X 10.7.


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