Additional Information

Here are some other sources of information that may be useful if you're troubleshooting Xgrid problems.

How processor cores are allocated

In Mac OS X 10.5 the Xgrid agent would supply one job to each processor core, so a 2 x Dual Core Mac Pro would run four jobs. Under Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 this changed to two jobs. For a full explanation, and information how to reset the earlier behaviour see:

Using a firewall

If you are using Xgrid behind a firewall, make sure TCP port 4111 is open.

Agent not starting

I've had a situation where after starting the Agent from the Sharing Preferences panel, it turned itself off after a few seconds. Restarting the computer and trying again seemed to fix this.

Agent displayed as "Unavailable" in Xgrid Admin

After starting an Agent running it should appear immediately in Xgrid Admin, but I've found that it can stay Unavailable, with a Red icon, for up to 10 minutes before turning Available, with a green icon, and accepting jobs.

For more information

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